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The program's goal was to provide vaccines to children in the developing world and to accelerate research and development of new vaccines.The first vaccines purchased were Hib, hepatitis B, rotavirus, and pneumococcal, which were not commonly used in the developing world.

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The Dale and Betty Bumpers Vaccine Research Center (VRC) was established at the National Institutes of Health to facilitate research in vaccine development.

The primary focus of VRC research was to be the development of vaccines for AIDS.

HHS awarded $132.5 million to sanofi pasteur and Med Immune over five years to retrofit existing domestic vaccine manufacturing facilities on a cost-sharing basis and to provide warm-base operations for manufacturing pandemic influenza vaccines.

FDA approved an accelerated dosing schedule for Twinrix (hepatitis A and B vaccine).

This marked the first meningococcal vaccine that was immunogenic and indicated for children younger than 2 years of age. The 8th and final report of the Immunization Safety Review Committee was issued by the Institute of Medicine.

A significant shortage of influenza vaccine occurred in the U. (History: On August 25, 2004, as a result of routine testing required by FDA, Chiron Corporation, located in the U. and one of two suppliers of inactivated influenza vaccine for the U. On Oct 16, 2004, FDA announced that none of the influenza vaccine manufactured by Chiron for the U. The report concluded that the body of epidemiological evidence favors rejection of a causal relationship between the MMR vaccine (and thimerosal-containing vaccines) and autism. million was awarded by NIAID through four new contracts to support development of candidate HIV vaccines.

The schedule consists of three doses given within three weeks followed by a booster dose at 12 months (0, 7, 21–30 days, 12 months).

FDA licensed the first vaccine developed to prevent cervical cancer (Gardasil by Merck & Co., Inc.), precancerous genital lesions, and genital warts due to human papillomavirus (HPV) types 6, 11, 16, and 18.

A new Federal Medicare rule became effective that required all long-term care facilities to offer annual vaccination for influenza and one-time vaccination for pneumococcal disease to all residents as a condition of participation in Medicare.

An acellular pertussis vaccine combined with the adult formulation of tetanus and diphtheria (Tdap: Boostrix by GSK) was licensed for use as an active booster in persons 10-18 years of age.

ACIP recommended DTa P vaccines for all five doses in the vaccination schedule, because local reactions, fever, and other systemic events were found to occur substantially less often after DTa P administration than after administration of whole cell DTP.

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