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The Y-12 break-in is the latest “Plowshares” disarmament action, a tradition of symbolic and intrepid civil resistance dating to September 1980, when the Berrigan brothers and six others hammered on Minutemen missiles and poured blood on documents at the General Electric weapons plant in King of Prussia, Pa.

The Plowshares activists take their name and inspiration from Isaiah 2:4, a verse prophesying a world without war.

Dating facethejury

She remembers her obstetrician father, who spoke of impoverished patients at Bellevue Hospital; her mother, whose Ph D thesis explored the Catholic opinion on slavery; and her uncle, Walter Hooke, a Marine who was yoked with “the terrible weight of knowing” after surveying the decimation of Nagasaki, where all that survived in the city’s cathedral was a scorched wood statue of the Virgin Mary. All of the relevant information on Y-12’s layout was available online.

She remembers committing as a teenager to the teaching order Sisters of the Holy Child Jesus because of their work in Africa, and learning at Boston College how radioactivity affects human cells. All of the relevant motivation was available in the books of Psalms, Proverbs and Isaiah.

By exposing what they believe to be the fallacy of national security, by smuggling their anti-war message into the judicial system through the back door, they believe they are putting the country on trial.

The nun plodded up the steep and densely wooded ridge. And now there she was, an old lady in sturdy shoes, reaching the limits of her mortal energy at the top of Pine Ridge with Greg, about 90 minutes into the mission.

His grave is located near the Y-12 National Security Complex. They will be building things and there will be great noise and confusion and the earth will shake.” Hendrix often summited Pine Ridge, Robinson wrote, to pray over the vista of peach orchards and log cabins. The science seems simple enough: When a neutron strikes the nucleus of a U-235 atom, the nucleus splits and releases thermal energy and more neutrons, which in turn strike and split more uranium nuclei, and on and on, in an instant, until . For most townspeople, the full nature of their mission became clear only in bold newspaper ink on Aug. “ATOMIC SUPER-BOMB, MADE AT OAK RIDGE, STRIKES JAPAN,” announced the Knoxville News-Sentinel. Michael, though fiercely intelligent, often departs on tirades about the Antichrist.

(Linda Davidson/The Washington Post) In those same woods, around 1900, a middle-aged ascetic named John Hendrix gazed up at the sky and heard a voice like a clap of thunder. It was into this land and history that outsiders intruded 67 years later: Sister Megan Gillespie Rice, now 83; drifter Michael Robin Walli, now 64; and house painter Gregory Irwin Boertje-Obed, 57. Sister Megan, adamant about not harming any living thing, vowed that if they were attacked by guard dogs inside the complex she would not even raise her hands in self-defense.

Strung along the fence were yellow “No Trespassing” placards threatening a 0,000 fine and up to one year in prison. After the two men followed her, they closed the fence with twine, crossed the patrol road and began the 40-degree ascent to the dark crest of the ridge.

The house painter gripped a pair of bolt cutters, fixed the jaws around a link and squeezed. The crime had started, which meant they were one step closer to justice.

When superimposed on the small-town history of Oak Ridge or the quotidian mechanics of federal Washington, their anti-nuclear beliefs can look heroic or treasonous. Sometimes the very thing that keeps us safe is the one thing that can exterminate us. What is unambiguous: The nun, the drifter and the house painter have been charged with two felonies whose combined maximum sentence is 30 years in prison. Their jury trial is scheduled to begin May 7 in Knoxville.

One of these felonies is rarely leveled against civilians: “intent to injure, interfere with, or obstruct the national defense of the United States,” as written under the “Sabotage” chapter of the U. The defendants do not view it as their trial, even though they proudly admit to trespassing and damaging government property.

She had been working her way toward this climb since the age of 9, when she learned her family’s next-door neighbor in New York City was a Columbia University biophysicist privy to the secret Manhattan project. Sister Megan was tired and fading with the night, so they recalibrated. Once clear of the trees, they would head for the first building they saw.

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