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Especially when you have had more than just a couple of small beers.

If you read through all the different Thailand forums on the internet you have so many foreigners complaining about their bad experiences being ripped off in Thailand.

It’s always about Thai people that tell you a lie in order to get some money out of you without providing the promised service, sometimes not giving anything in return at all.

The famous scam that a lot of newbies to Thailand run into as they think experiencing a ping pong show in Bangkok’s oldest red light district, Patpong, is a must do.

The scam consists of Thai guys approaching you at the night market in front of the go go bars offering free ping pongs shows and even better: drinks for just 100 Baht each.

This often turns into a nightmare when it’s time to check the bill and it’s rather a couple of thousand Baht than a couple of hundred.

You then have no choice but to pay what they ask for as it can turn violent if you start make an argument.

There are also regular incidents where foreign travelers report being robbed valuables, especially during overnight trains and buses.

This even happens during day travel when buses stop for food and all passengers are requested to leave.

Thai people even demand higher prices for entrance fees from foreigners compared to local Thai people.

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