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We are assisting to the creation of a new artificial language, "on air" from Lombard wikipedia. Just some examples: I must say that the only right block is mine. Only some months have been enough to realize how false and empty was the project, as organized in that way, and how fragile were its bases. Clamengh and 10caart refused to answer to all our questions (our is referred to every people that have expressed doubts about this way to operate, and they are much more than the three users that defended it), and I fell in the trap. I have to say, anyway, that I had a behaviour like this only there on, given the unbreathable atmosphere. Even if a user can only speak Italian, he/she is strongly invited to translate his/her post. Remember that every native Lombard speaker can speak Italian.I am active on, where I have never had a problem and am sysop since November 8. Owing to the absence of a real community, this form of racism has penetrated well deep into

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La lingua dell'autore del Fu Mattia Pascal era la linga di Girgenti/Agrigento e ne ha persino scritto una tesi. So, IMHO, very few real damage will come from a closure. Maybe we can start a milanese or bergamasco wikipedia.

--Draco Roboter , 27 November 2007 (UTC)E se io (in quanto lombardo, per quanto acquisito) me ne fregassi dell'ISO?

(List_of_Wikipedias#Deprecated.2C_moved_and_other). Akan is identified with a unique ISO code (ak), like Lombard, but, despite this, is not a single language. A wikipedia edition, even the smallest one, needs some service pages; if Lombard is a melting pot of well-identified dialects, which one is to be used?

In the beginning of this edition, a particular Western Lombard dialect was used, probably an insubric one (maybe the dialect of Como or of upper Brianza area).

Here he apologize to write in Italian, before writing in Italian. Provatevi a scivere in esperanto nel sito in ido, o usaare un'antra lingua nelle chat esperantiste.

Ma non sono posizioni anti o pro, sono l'invito a sfruttare le poche occasioni offerte dal web.

It was labeled as vandalism, and I still have not understood why.

I'm trying to ask again only because I think that conditions are now worse than then, and has not the requested characteristics for a Wikimedia project.

I believe in a Lombard Wikipedia and not in a Catalombard Wikipedia (although personally I love both Catalonia and the Catalan language...).--Kemmótar , 30 November 2007 (UTC) Well, nobody but them has never heard speaking or seen writing this "Lombard", and nobody but them has not even heard speaking about its creation. The creation of a common Western Eastern Lombard koiné is utopic (NB: this does not mean that the Eastern and Western L. ensiclopedéa etc.) Clamengh and 10caart have been keeping a constant, steady behaviour aiming to eliminate every users had a different way to think --Remulazz , 28 November 2007 (UTC) PS This may be considered as vandalism.

I think to Esperanto, Volapük or even Sindarin or Quenya in Tolkien's world. They, together with Belinzona, stated this officially, by creating a category) and a template) in which they say they support the creation of a Lombard koiné. are necessarily not mutually intelligible.--Kemmótar , 1 December 2007 (UTC) A little updating: here, Clamengh e Belinzona are discussing about the name of the language for the interwiki link (! Have a look at the block log (lmo: Special: Ipblocklist). I really don't know why, but on Lombard wikipedia speaking Italian is strongly deprecated.

But they are not the same language, neither a standard Cisalpine tongue has never existed. I think he achieved some results so far, provided that only some days ago he said to an anonymous user [3] to avoid changing in the ortography of an article. Are we writing in Clamenghese language, writing it with the Clamengh standard?

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