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Foxy Lady: Cosy place conveniently near the night market, with sexy girls. Here you’ll find plenty of lively pubs of all characters, all full of available ladies.

At any one time, half a dozen girls will be on stage and they are among the sexiest bar girls in town. Spotlight Bar: Central go-go with a handful of girls strutting their stuff on stage at any one time.

Pentatonic Rock Bar perfect for those that would rather headbang and sing along to AC/DC.

They have some solid cover bands playing here every day during peak season. Havana Saloon is a laidback bar that plays a mix of rock/reggae/rap music.

Arrive before sunset and marvel at this extraordinarily-themed, five-star that has few equals in Asia.

The @ Living Room Bar: A chic place with pool table, with a nice atmosphere when busy.

If you are the type that likes to sit back, drink, talk and people watch.

This might be one of the better spots to hang out that type of vibe. The biggest cluster of girlie bars is located in the Chiang Mai Entertainment Centre, which is an arcade just off the top end of Loi Kroh Road – halfway between the night market and moat (near the Imperial Mae Ping Hotel).

The picture after that is very uncertain, but it seems most likely that several small waves of settlers arrived at various subsequent stages.

At some point after about 500 BC, there were certainly arrivals by Indo-European Celts (and perhaps even as early as 2000 BC), and they remained fully independent as Ireland was never conquered by the Romans.

The bands are good and they always have a great lively crowd dancing and singing along.

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