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Using Chicago's rail infrastructure, much of which was created in the 19th century, the Illinois General Assembly established the RTA, and later Metra, to serve commuters by rail.

Metra's creation was a result of the anticipated failure of commuter service operated and owned by various private railroad companies in the 1970s.

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Around the time of Pagano's death, allegations also surfaced that a Metra employee demanded a $2,000 payoff from the studio that used Metra in the 2011 film Source Code. In June 2013, Metra CEO Alex Clifford abruptly resigned his position with no public comment.

It gradually was reported that his exit had been demanded by the Metra board, which negotiated a $871,000 severance package including a non-disclosure agreement.

In the beginning the Regional Transportation Authority commuter train fleet consisted of second-hand equipment, until 1976 when the first order of new EMD F40PH locomotives arrived. Less than a decade later the Regional Transportation Authority was already suffering from ongoing financial problems.

In 1983 the Illinois Legislature reorganized the agency.

The Rock Island District originates at La Salle Street Station, and the Metra Electric District originates at Millennium Station.

All of these stations are situated within walking distance of the Chicago Loop, so Metra passengers may also transfer to a different Metra line upon their arrival downtown.Metra's operating arm, the Northeast Illinois Regional Commuter Railroad Corporation, was created as a separate rail subsidiary which operates seven Metra owned routes.Contracts were set up with the Union Pacific and BNSF railroads to operate four other Metra routes.In the late 20th and early 21st century Metra experienced record ridership and expanded its services.In 1996 Metra organized its first new line, the North Central Service, running from Union Station to Antioch.In August 2013, the remaining board members unanimously elected Don Orseno as interim CEO.

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