Row cannot be located for updating mysql

This error can occur due to incorrect configuration of the My SQL ODBC Driver.

Please confirm that your My SQL Driver is configured as described in the Set up a My SQL ODBC Driver Help topic.

row cannot be located for updating mysql-21

No error occurs, because the update has been applied successfully.

ADO, compared to the BDE, has taken a more practical approach to the problem.

In an ADO join, each field object knows which underlying table it belongs to.

If you update a field in the Products table and post the change, then a SQL statements are generated, one for each table.

From their point of view, when users delete a row in the grid, I would wager that 99 percent of them intend to delete just the product—not both the product and the supplier.

Fortunately, you can achieve this result using another dynamic property—in this case, the Unique Table dynamic property.This statement provides a list of orders and the customers that placed those orders.The BDE considers any SQL join to be read-only because inserting, updating, and deleting rows in a join is ambiguous.For hardware specifications you will need to check with the vendor of the DBMS that you intend to use.When using SQL Model Searches you need access to the details on the table structures and table names used in the repository, there is broad documentation of the Database in the 'Automation' Help pages, with reference to the table names associated with each of the Classes. The t_snapshot table is used for storing Auditing data.In particular, ensure you have set the options as described in step 7.

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