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Episode 2x01 “In the Custody of a Clown” (1987) The Jump Street unit discovers that a boy who was being used as a pawn by his feuding parents faked his kidnapping with the aid of his grandfather to get away from his parents.

Hanson dresses as the boy's mother for the money drop. ” (1989) Penhall and Loki goes undercover as a couple, Loki is dressed as the girlfriend.

Episode 4x19 “Trial and Error” (1989) Both Mary and Sandra get commissioned to the same murder trial.

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For their convenience, the bodies of Dick and Sally are switched.

Now, in each other's bodies, Dick and Sally must try and maintain each other's romantic relationships and get accustomed to the changes that their new gender brings, while waiting for their request to be switched back to be accepted.

Foolhardy Tiger Wong is annoyed with his mother Lau Bing Tai for consistently pressuring him to get married.

He therefore snatches Chow Man Bun who is in female disguise to be his bride and arranges for Bun to stay at his younger sister Wong Sau Ying's chamber for the night.

Episode 1x15 “I Enjoy Being A Dick” (1996) Dick poses as a woman to sneak into a women-only study group.

Episode 4x10 “Two-Faced Dick” (1999) After three years, the Big Giant Head has finally accepted Sally's request to have her body changed for a man's.The judge sequesters them for the evening in a hotel and Mary is going to miss her anniversary dinner with Lester.Lester sneaks, disguised as a woman, into the hotel room and brings Mary caviar and champagne.Episode 2x19 “id ANTity crisis” (2013) Principal Skidmore installs a frozen yogurt machine for the school, but the machine actually extracts all the students' personalities.Chyna decides to keep the personalities safe by eating the yogurts. Later, all the personalities are extracted from Chyna, but they all end up in the wrong bodies.Sally was chosen to be the woman because she apparently lost some sort of contest and was not too thrilled about it; while the alien species is described as asexual, Sally seems to have a harder time trying to figure out womanhood than the others do manhood.

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