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xx is the 2009 debut album by English indie pop band the xx.After they signed a contract with XL Recordings, the band recorded the album from December 2008 to February 2009 at the label's in-house studio in London.In 2013, xx was ranked number 237 on NME magazine's list of the 500 greatest albums of all time.

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Born in the late eighties in Vigo (Spain), an industrial city, in an era in which the children deprived of the "Movida" decide to embrace and adopt as their own cutting-edge sound that was brewing in the clubs and discos London and Berlin, the birth of electronic music.

Thus, among Subwoofers, mixing consoles, cables and metallic howls as it begins Xenux passion for music.

There are at least two artists with the name XNX.1. It is part of a new formed concept called Soniclab, which is aimed to gather audio-visual artists that excel in new visions and innovation.

XNX is a project developed by Ilidio Chaves, best known as Expander from Soniculture.

Although the xx had been strongly influenced by R&B acts, the album also drew comparisons from critics to alternative rock, electronica, and post-punk sounds.

The melancholic songs on xx featured minimalist arrangements and were built around Smith's beats, Oliver Sim's basslines, and sparse guitar figures played by Baria Qureshi and Romy Madley Croft, who employed reverb in her lead guitar parts.

The concept of the XNX project is to intervene in a space and create what we call a “chaos bubble” by using sound and visual design.

Four sources of sound are mixed simultaneously and powered by the strong visual component that surrounds people in a way that they feel inside of a space that is fondling with their perceptions.

Currently Chema Vidal, and a respected artist, has decided to expand its tentacles beyond their hometown and decided to move to Santiago DC a cultured city the service is still rock 'n' roll.

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